Scott Leiter
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Brand Builder

It's nearly the most intimate relationship you can have.  You invite me into your home, you have dinner with me nightly...breakfast most days.  You carry me with you wherever you go.  You rely on me daily.  When you need to know, I am here.  When you need reassurance, I am who you turn to.  You cuddle on the couch with me and go to bed with me at night and wake up with me in the morning.  I'm the WSBT22 Brand.

Most people take local television for granted.  But there is nearly no other person or product that you interact with every single day quite like television. You have your favorite anchors to wake up with in the morning.  You rely on accurate weather information to plan your wardrobe and your drive to work.  When severe weather threatens, you open an app and track the storms to keep your family safe.  When you see police and fire, you log-in to see what's happening in your neighborhood.  You turn to TV to laugh at Sheldon, or cheer on the Colts and be shocked by CSI.  And before you close your eyes at night, you check in with WSBT 22 News to see if your world is safe.  

That's the power of local TV.  And that's the power of a brand.  It's an awesome responsibility to protect and keep that brand safe.  And in Northern Indiana, the most powerful television brand of all is WSBT 22.  

Over six million pages are viewed every month. Nearly 300,000 households tune in every week.
And 155,000 fans call us a friend.  

That's the power of a truly great brand.  The best brand.  My brand that I tend to, care for, protect and build every single day.

Brand building is not one person's job, it's not a slogan or's a culture. While I am keeper of the brand, it's not completely up to me.  The brand is the living, breathing soul of our organization.  It's my job to monitor and regulate our brand - like blood pressure in the body, to make sure all systems are functioning like they should and to live up to our fullest expectations and potential.  
Brands and SubBrands I have built and protected:
  • WSBT 22
  • StormtTracker Weather Channel
  • FOX Michiana
  • Goodwill Industries of Northern Indiana
  • ERS Communications
  • DJ Construction
  • FOX 28
  • 5 Degree Guarantee
  • WEVV - FOX 44
  • TSN -Tri-State Sport Network