Scott Leiter
Brand Builder | Marketing Maven | Social Media Strategist | Project Partner

Scott Leiter - Brand Builder

My mission over the past three decades has been that of building brands that are on the tip of every tongue, launching products and growing fans that most can't live without, creating and producing events that delight and dazzle our guests and creating teams of talented marketers working towards the same goal...moving the masses to action.

Brand Building

Product Launches


Whether its been launching new channels, web-sites, apps, recruiting fans, building contests or helping clients coral customers, product launches require a hook and value.
Audience analytics, ad trafficking software, research data-mining, creative suite skills, social media stickyness, project planning and efficency expertise come fully standard.
From primay brands to sub brands, nearly three decades of experience building brands, recruiting fans and refreshing image are the hallmark of my career.